Monday, September 29, 2014

Chapter 8 - Grandchildren

Grandchild or not, my daughter-in-law is still a thorn in my side.  I have fear that she'll break Yves' heart when all is said and done.

Now she says that with a baby, she doesn't have time to run back and forth to the gym and that it is necessary that we install a home gym.

Yves is now head of household and whatever Caitlin wants, Caitlin gets.  And voila, a home gym.

I can't say that it would do me any harm to stay in shape.

It certainly won't do Liliane any harm.  She has been partaking of entirely too much of her own cooking.

Her weight hasn't done her marriage chances any harm, though; she and Kendall were married in the garden.

She baked her own cake and provided her own entertainment.  She's a big believer in "If you want it done right, do it yourself".

She and Kendall did not wait to start a family; Kendall is very eager to be a father.

Caitlin is pregnant again as well.

Lucien has grown into a delightful, outgoing little boy who plays chess at every opportunity.

Yes, I cheated.  It is necessary that he learn to pay attention.

My life goes along smoothly.  I spend most of my days foraging for crystals, fossils and frogs.  It's not often now that I find anything new, but the hunt keeps me engaged.

Yves and Caitlin's new baby is Jean-Paul.

Liliane and Kendall's is Joseph.

Before we know it, Jean-Paul is scaling the monkey bars without trepidation and Joseph is a mad scientist in the making.

Lucien is now a teen who keeps himself glued to the computer.

My plants have flourished, my family has flourished, I am content.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chapter 7 - Next Gen

Time passes.  Yves has grown up and joined the entertainer career as a C-lister.  

He has also proposed to the ubiquitous Caitlyn.  She accepted, after, of course, an on-the-spot appraisal of the ring.

The wedding took place chez Desjardins.  Liliane and I catered.  Caitlyn insisted that there must be a wedding arch and full bar.  After all of that, she and Yves barged into my boudoir and spoke their vows.  Toujours gai.

Liliane is spending a good bit of time with Kendall Cormier.  He loves music as much as she does.  He is quiet and respectful; I approve of him.

I try diligently to befriend Caitlyn.  She tries diligently to make herself useful in the garden. She has also butchered my bonsai; let us draw the veil.

My first grandchild is on the way! Please remind me again to be nicer to his mother.

I'm old enough to be a grandmother.  Liliane baked a caked and threw a party.  She played guitar and Yves outdid himself with a special roast for Grandmere.  I'd prefer to be toasted but toujours gai.

Of what use is a grandmere without the grandchild? Lucien Desjardins is born!