Saturday, December 13, 2014

Chapter 19 - Two Funerals and a Wedding

Things have been busy Chez Desjardins.  We celebrated Estelle's birthday; isn't she a lovely teen?

The morning after the party, Etienne collapsed at the breakfast table and couldn't be revived. I suppose we should have been prepared for it but one never really is.

It was a shock to see Lizbeth so undone about it, but once again, she's proved her resiliency. She's taken up flying missions of her own and didn't even let a nasty encounter with space pirates daunt her.  And yes, she's still the arbiter of homework.

A family outing in the park took a tragic turn when Grim Reaper came for Edouard.  Alain is devastated by losing both of his brothers; I can't say that it's done me any good either.

Dante is sufficiently dense that Monique's hints for a proposal go right over his head.  When she came to me for advice, I suggested that she stop waiting and hinting and propose to him herself. It seems to have been effective.
As I mixed drinks for the wedding, Estelle took the opportunity to swipe a Sea Spray.  I didn't have the heart to scold her; her mother was another story.
As we used to sing as children, "Where is the groom? He's in the other room.  What is he doing in the other room?" 

 "Do we really have to do this? I mean, I love you, but couldn't we just elope? I'm having a stranger danger moment".

"It's just my family; suck it up."
"Maybe no one will show up.  Oh well, t'were best done quickly".

"We've done it; can we go upstairs and hide now?"

"Not until I've had some cake"

"OK, you've had your cake.  Can we please go upstairs now?"

Shannon doesn't look happy.  She may have been mourning her father but there have been rumours that she wanted Dante for herself. Hana tried to get the scoop out of her but all she got for her trouble was a "Toujours gai".


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