Sunday, December 21, 2014

Chapter 20 - No One Born No One Died

Since I want to be a writer when I grow up, Michel tells me I should start by taking over the family chronicle.  I don't know what to say but here goes nothing.  I can't believe my mom made me do homework after Monique's wedding.  I mean, it's not every day that your aunt gets married, is it? I didn't say much, though, since I was still on her list about that Sea Spray.

Pierre and Eve got married, and, you guessed it, once again my mom made me do homework. I'm bringing home A's; you'd think she could relax.

Pierre's violin playing is superb; he can bring anyone to tears with it.  So can Alain's guitar playing but for an entirely different reason.  It's probably beyond help but, with Pierre's help, he's getting better with the violin.

Alain and Hana have both gotten old.  Three guesses what I got to do after their birthday parties.

It's finally my turn! No more pencils, no more books (unless I'm writing them), no more teachers' dirty looks!  I'm joining the writer career as soon as we've finished this party!

I probably should have paid more attention to my mother's lectures about time management.  I was late to work my first week and the fact that I'd been absorbed in writing a book didn't cut it as an excuse.  

We were all completely floored when Michel and Nicola moved away.  No one's gone away mad, of course, and they visit nearly every day, as do Monique and Dante, but it's odd not to have them here.  I miss Nicola, she's a good friend.  I have nothing against Eve but we haven't had a chance to get close yet. 

Hana is stepping up and learning to cook; I see the day coming when I'll need to as well.  We'd been awfully spoiled when every meal was celebrity chef caliber.

We were no less floored when my mom went to work for the Space Patrol.  She's doing a fine job but I'd always thought they had an age limit.  I don't know just how old my mother is; she claims to have stopped keeping track when her odometer rolled over. It is, however, a well-known family story that she and my father were already pretty old when they got married because my father was too stubborn to propose until he got his commission.

It's also a well-known family story that Alain and Hana waited so long that they had to elope to escape the inevitable ribbing they'd have had from the family.  They're making up for it now; you'd think they were newlyweds.  Unfortunately, one mustn't say "Get a room, you two!" to one's elders.

Speaking of TMI, Eve has beeen mopey lately.  She and Pierre have been trying, unsuccessfully for a baby.  I'm pretty sure that she's pregnant now though there's been no official announcement yet.  I guess it's still a touchy subject.

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