Monday, December 8, 2014

Chapter 18 - Love is in the Air

It was Etienne's birthday party and I was mixing drinks when the most beautiful woman ever appeared at the bar.
She seemed to be quite taken with my cooking. As we chatted, it was evident that her sense of humour was as twisted as mine.  Ah Nicola, I am smitten.
I look for her every place I go.  When I'm at home I ring her up with invites.
I'm not the only one in love.  Monique seems quite taken with Dante Cutler, the boy next door.
Alain has gone into Uber-Big-Brother mode. Monique had to explain to him that she's an adult and he's not the boss of her.  Personally, I think he's a good kid.  Quiet and solitary enough that I wonder how he'll cope with this family.
Pierre has grown up and gotten serious about his music.  He puppy-dogs Eve Thompson all over town.  She doesn't seem to mind too much.
Old age hasn't slowed Etienne down,  Not that I make a habit of spying on them but when the door is open I cannot unsee. It gives me hope for my future with Nicola.
Estelle is still too young for all, of that but she makes a most effective chaperone.
We really do find time for other things.  Etienne still flies a mission nearly every day and plays his violin far into the night.
Old age has caught up with Lizbeth; I don't expect that she'll be any less formidable.
In between paintings, Alain found a rose crystal to complete the museum's collection.
 Monique keeps us well supplied with the makings for herb-crusted salmon and Trout Meuniere.
 There is no place else for me to go as a chef; I'm trying to unpigeonhole myself into mixology.
 I see Nicola as often as I can and it isn't often enough for me.  The time has come to make my move.
Baiting my trap with Baked Alaska seems to have been effective.

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