Sunday, December 28, 2014

Chapter 21 - Upheavals

Note to self:  Do not, repeat NOT, tempt fate with chronicle chapter titles!  I knew that my mom was like two hundred years old and thought that Grim Reaper was procrastinating out of dread. After all, she did put him to work in the garden the last time he was here.  He did, however, come for her.  Her last words were "Wish I had time for one more bowl of chili".

Grim returned for Alain the next day.  

Hana remains inconsolable despite my best efforts to comfort her.

She's also terribly overworked.

Eve does her bit in the garden and is learning to cook as well.  She is, however, quite pregnant, so frequent breaks are necessary, or at least advisable.

I'm lending a hand in the garden and doing the household repairs.  I don't know how my mom and Hana managed to make it all look so easy. Thus far, I haven't dared to step into the kitchen. The thought crosses my mind that we may need to let go of the garden.  This would be a last resort; I grew up on tales of how our ancestor built our family fortune by planting that garden while she scrounged sandwiches and slept on park benches.  Nonetheless, it's leaving the three of us with very little time for anything else. 

Eve and Pierre have twin boys! Meet Marcel and Phillippe Desjardins! Eve wants a large family; I'm not sure she was ready for it to grow this large in one fell swoop.

Grim Reaper returned for Hana.  I understand that she never got over losing Alain and try not to be selfish, but what on earth will we do without her?

I need to have a talk with my lazy brother; he's perfectly content to mix drinks, dance and chill in the game mat while the rest of us work ourselves into exhaustion. 

Grim Reaper is still lurking about the premises; it's unsettling, given that he's already reaped all of the elders in our household.

Pierre is mending his ways, whether or not it had anything to do with our chat.  Who knew that he had it in him to change a diaper, much less tend the garden or clean the kitchen?

With great trepidation, I'm learning my way around the kitchen.  Scrambled eggs can't be too difficult, right? How about garden salad?

Now that we've established a modus operandi, getting things done, however awkwardly, Eve has some big news.  Let's just hope that the boys are out of diapers before this one arrives!

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