Monday, December 1, 2014

Chapter 17 - Surprises

Things are somber Chez Desjardins since we lost Roman.  My birthday passed quietly, as did Monique's.
I was boning up on mixology and minding my own business when Jenny showed up at the back door.  She was here to see Lizbeth but she was so gorgeous that I intercepted her on the spot.
Fortunately, before I was too smitten, I discovered that she was both mean and evil.  I'd love to find the right woman but life's too short for the wrong one.It was also fortunate that the family never knew about my flinglet or I'd have no peace.  Everyone had been riding Alain nonstop about marrying Hana sometime before he becomes an elder; they've been engaged forever.  It's no wonder that the two of them eloped and presented us with a fait accompli.
Alain wasn't the only one with surprises up his sleeve.  Etienne managed to surprise everyone as well.  It was almost a foregone conclusion that he'd make Space Ranger; the surprise was when he retired early from the patrol immediately upon doing so.  He's always been a music lover and never had time to pursue it; now he wants to make time for it before he's old and grey.
He still flies the occasional mission when it suits him.  Lizbeth joined him for one.  Three days later, along came Estelle.
While the rest of the family was occupied in the nursery, admiring the new arrival, the Reaper came for Yvette.  He made the mistake of stopping by the garden on his way out.  "Hey Grimmy, while you have that scythe in your hand,why not make yourself useful with these weeds?"
Lizbeth is not one to trifle with; I'm thankful that she's my friend.  Not only is she the terror of the garden but the gym as well.  When she caught Pierre playing video games when he was supposed to be studying, she banished him to the game mat with strict instructions not to come out until she said so.   Hours later, he emerged hungry and exhausted, with his bladder nearly bursting.  I don't think he's touched a Blicbloc since.
In spite of that ordeal, he's grown into a teen with a penchant for music.  Homework is still a struggle.
While he and Estelle keep their parents busy, I make sure to make time for Monique.  It's tough for her to have lost her parents so young.  As good as Roman and Yvette were to me, I had my moments of feeling like the odd kid out; I hope to spare Monique that.
Now she has grown into a lovely young woman. I made her first legal Ridgeport, as well as her birthday cake, of course.  Hana took her clubbing, and, I think, was a bit disappointed that she spent the evening chatting with her brother.

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