Friday, August 21, 2015

Chapter 24 - So Serene Because the Roses are in Bloom

It's disconcerting to have an elder brother who's actually an elder.  Pierre has had another birthday.  He wouldn't allow a photo after he blew out his candles; who knew he was so vain?  I was, however, able to sneak a candid shot or two later on, so his grey hair and pot belly have been duly documented.  I suppose one never outgrows being a little sister.

Andre and Michelle have had birthdays as well. 

 Michelle revels in her new-found adult prerogative:  i.e. pursuit of Aaron.

The others are pairing off as well:  Phillippe and Constance;

Andre and Janessa,

And Marcel and Belle.

Eve entered elderhood with a good bit more grace than her husband did.

In due course, we had a flurry of weddings.

And in somewhat less due course, it's finally happened.  Kolton and I have our own baby on the way at long last!

This has led us to our difficult decision to leave the family home and move to a place of our own.  No hard feelings and I'm sure we'll visit often, but it's time.

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